stone coated tile mold

stone coated tile mold stone coated tile mold stone coated tile mold stone coated tile mold
Product name:stone coated tile mold
Price:8800 USD Per mold FOB Tianjin
stone coated tile metal shingle tile mold stone coated roofing wood tile mold
bond tile mold

Color stone tile moldafter forging, machining, heat treatment, several processes . To ensure color stone tile mold manufacturing quality using has good malleability , machinability , hardenability , hardenability and can grind with little oxidation and decarbonization sensitivity and cracking tendency of deformation hardening material .
1 . Malleability
Color stone tile mold has a lower die forging deformation resistance , plastic, forging a wide temperature range , forging crack cold cracking and low propensity mesh carbide precipitation .
2 . Annealing process of
Ball annealing temperature range, annealing of low hardness and a small fluctuation range , the ball is high.
3 . Machinability
Large cutting tool low loss, low surface roughness .
4 . Oxidation, decarburization sensitivity
Antioxidant pregnant when heated to high temperatures can be good , decarbonization slow, insensitive to the heating medium , resulting in pitting tendency of small .
5 . Hardenability
After quenching with a uniform and high surface hardness .
6 . Hardenability
After quenching can get deeper hardened layer , can be used to ease the quenching medium hardened .
7 . Quenching deformation cracking tendency
Conventional quenching small volume change , shape warping , distortion slight tendency to lower abnormal deformation . Conventional quenching cracking sensitivity is low, and the shape of the workpiece on the quenching temperature insensitive .
8 . Can grind
Wheel relative loss is small, no grinding burn limit the amount of large, wheel quality and cooling conditions are not sensitive , less prone to galling, grinding cracks .




1. Classic type
stone coated roofing tile



2.Roman type
stone coated roofing tile roman tile


3. Nosen type
stone coated Nosen tile


4. Flat metal type
Metal shingle tile stone coated


5.Wood type
stone coated wood type tile


Colour atla:
stone coated tile color



stone coated gutter  stone coated ridge cap






Stone coated metal roofing tiles

Stone coated metal roof tile   Stone Chip Coated Roof Tile

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