Container House

Container House Container House Container House
Product name:Container House
 Structure: use steel structure that satisfy the intension requirement, safe and strong enough to meet architectural structure design criterion.

Material: the wall and the roof materials are colour steel sheet sandwich panel and are sound insulated, heat reserve, easy to clean and good looking. The panels mainly use the hidden bolts to connect. The weight is light and about 50kg/m2. It’s convenience for installation. Installation only need simple tool to assemble and is easy to unassembled for storage and transportation.

Size: the house is designed in modular set up according to the standard size of 20’ & 40’ container. It’s easy for transportation and stacking.

Life Span: the whole steel frames have anti-corrosion treatment which can last for 20 years. The colour steel sheets have surface treatment which are waterproof, alkali proof and salt spray proof. It is also suitable to use in moisture environment.

Application: as modular house is convenience for transportation and installation, it can be widely used as temporary office, warehouse and dormitory for building site, oil field and mines, or as quarters for military and railway department.
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